Brighton Rock Lipstick

For my 18th birthday last year, I was given a Topshop giftcard, and as my very trusty, and very faithful cheap unbranded pink lipstick was almost finished, I thought I would treat myself to some new lippies. (Brighton Rock and Idol.) The website did not have a shade that was a dupe of my little one, however, if Brighton Rock and Idol were merged together, it would probably be that perfect shade!

Extra Info: 

Price – £8 each
Packaging – mattee black cardboard box, barcode and colour swatch on base
Idol is now discontinued

The website’s description: “Satin matte finish lipstick to smooth, hydrate and nourish lips. Apply for fabulous colour and moisturised, matte finish, wear alone or with gloss for a shiny finish.”

And I do largely agree. My lips are usually pretty moisturised, not often flakey, although I have a little dry skin beneath my lower lip, so finding a particularly moisturising lipstick was not a priority. However, BR does have a very soft texture when applied to the lips, creating a satin matte finish. 

The pigment is high and durable, almost staining your lips. On a night out however, I do have to reapply it every so often. But the beauty of this product is that if at the start of the night the lips are a bright ‘corally’ pink, yet as time goes on, it gradually fades into what looks like a tinted lip balm or lighter lipstick – softer and more natural.
The shade itself is a little more pink, than the deep coral/red tint as seen in the official photograph above.
Of course everybody has different shades of their natural ‘lip.’ Someone with a paler lip would probably end up with a more pastel pink shade.


Unfortunately for this lipstick, I do get that gummy line on the inner rim of my lips, which can be quite visible on photographs. I often rub my lips together in attempt to blend in any unwanted lines, however because of this, it does lift the product onto the little flakey bits of skins, so make sure to wear a lip balm of some kind underneath, despite its “Moisturised” label. Better still, exfoliate your lips beforehand too! Worn alone, it does unfortunately show the rough edges and natural lines and cracks of your lips, which make it more obvious.


As with every product I have bought and seen from Toshop, the packaging is beautiful. The unconventional creamy white painted metal and simple dark grey for graphics and text really set them aside from other lipsticks on the market. This does mean the packaging will get grimey, but are perfectly easy to wipe clean!
Upon taking off the cap and winding up for the first time, I noticed how bright and lovely the colour is. If everything else fails you about the product, at least it looks very, very pretty! But the colour should not disappoint on your lips.
THE SCENT! absolutely delicious scent! No where on the packaging or website does it mention a scent, but it has a soft sweet berrylike smell, not at all childish or overpowering, which is very pleasant upon application. 🙂
Looks fab and very chic with perfectly moisturised, lip-linered lips, with a few coats, BUT also lovely if a little is dabbed in the centre of your lips, from the bullet or with your ring finger, to create a soft pop of colour to your lovely face!

Overall Rating:

Packaging – 8
Colour in bullet – 9.5
Colour on lips – 9
Durability – 7
Moisturising – 6
Price – 8 – there are other products with better last power, or moisturisation for generally £2 less on the highstreet/drugstore. However, Topshop has now sort of been adopted into the ‘edgy designer world’. Always a firm face at London Fashion Week, with designers helping to  create some of their products, it’s a bit ‘cooler’ to casually mention you own a Topshop lippy, than say Rimmel or Maybelline.

TTFN Pip x

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