The Best British High-Street Bedding

I’m currently lying on the bed having moved from the desk (worst decision) to continue writing my English essay. Well we all  know that’s just not going to happen is it? I’m in a slumped position and ready to be distracted. One of my favourite pastimes is to pore over and endlessly scroll down pages of homeware. Today I have been particularly taken bedding, and in particular Bright Home Stores. WOW. I never go on the BHS website but I have a feeling I’ll be popping back for tea and cake soon. Not only is their vast array delicious, a LOT of the sets are on offer at the moment. 

Here are my faves:

Besty Multi Bedding Set
Was £35.00 Now from £28.00

Floral Patchwork Bedding Set
Was £35.00 Now from £28.00

Susie Multi Bedding Set 
Was £35.00 Now from £28.00
London Line Drawing Bedding Set 
from £30.00

ACCESSORIZE Oriental Flower Bedding Set
from £40.00
ACCESSORIZE Fabel Folk Bedding Set
from £40.00

Some of the pictures certainly won’t do the bedding justice as I had to screen grab them, but just LOOK at the luxurious lushness of them all. Accessorize have always been spot on with delicious prints and colour palettes and if I could be anyone when I ‘grow up’ Kirstie Allsopp would certainly be up there in my top 3. So there’s just a nice little selection and discovery I just couldn’t keep to myself 🙂

TTFN Pip x

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