Inside My University Bag

The search for a long lasting, durable uni bag was a BIG UN. It finally came to a close when browsing the lovely Zara on a summer’s evening on holiday in Spain earlier this year. (I love that shops are open late!) 

 We were really hoping to find a good quality leather one that wouldn’t break my little student bank account. In the end however, we couldn’t find one that I felt was worth the money which had a long strap, handles and seemed durable enough for everyday wear and strain, so we decided on this very good lookalike-leather polyurethane baby.

 The lining is 50% linen and 50% polyester, with a small zipped compartment that is the pocket cousin of Mary Poppins’ handbag. Attached is a pink pouch the PERFECT fit for my student card. 


Top left clockwise:

Lined refill pad – usually stuffed with plastic wallets of the individual subjects I have that day
Student Card/Matric Card – this gets me access into the library so I must never ever forget it!
Keys – when I’m back home the house key is attached
Purse – gorgeous forest green exterior and Accessorize’s signiature mini floral print inside. (I actually don’t bring it that often, usually on days I need to buy groceries because FOOD IS TOO TEMPTING
Water Bottle – always just tap water, really trying to drink  more

Antiperspirant Deodorant – gotta stay freshhh. Always make sure it’s antiperspirant or else it won’t do anything!
Hand Sanitiser – the amount of doors and buttons pushed everyday, bleurgh
Lip Balm – lips are really starting to get dry now in the colder months! Just a simple vanilla scented one
Paracetamol – whether for you or for helping a neighbour in need, keep stocked up!
Sanitary towel – exactly the same reason as the paracetamol, you or a gurrl in need is gonna use it!
Packet of tissues – I have a constant sniffle.
Earphones – lifesaver in the library and sometimes walking home

The contents can vary depending on weather (umbrella ahoy), a particular makeup look that day (pink lipstick top up), workload (books and papers galore), whether or not I’ve remembered to buy chewing gum and if it’s a long day studying in the library a flask of coffee, sometimes soup is another lifesaver. Not the most exciting post but we all enjoy a journey on the bandwagon 🙂

TTFN Pip x


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