Saturday Rambles

So I’m in my second year of university now, and although the location is far better than halls, and I’m with girls I know there won’t be any tense moments or fall outs with, I have had a few ‘down’ moments these past few weeks. 
Most weekends I’m in the flat on my own due to my flatmates’ work, leisure and relationship commitments. Don’t worry, I’m not seeking sympathy, but with the weekly ‘why am I doing this course?’ ‘WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING IN SCOTLAND?’ thoughts, I’ve felt a bit lost, the same feelings around this time last year but not quite so strong. 
However, this year is far better in terms of study and positivity, but there are moments when I feel a bit home-lonely and just need some lovin from back home. 
Last night I decided to have a long very warm shower, (I figured it’s ok because I was the only one in.. Shh!) used my favourite pamper products and instantly felt a LOT better and happier when browsing around the web and doing a bit of Pinning and Youtubing, and yet it was exactly the same activity as before the shower. Sometimes it’s as simple as a good deep cleanse of hair, having uber soft skin and a mini pedi that does the trick. 
This morning I woke up way before my alarm, but I was content, amused from last night’s yummy dream, smelling delicious and ready for a day of catching up on the Shaytards, finishing my english essay (Hurrah!) and doing some housework.
Along with a smaller than normal bowl of cereal I ‘treated’ myself to a slice of toast. All it had on it was butter but good grief it was beautiful. Again just another minor change to my usual routine (I never shower at night), that affected how I was feeling and my outlook for the day.
The best thing that happened however, was around midday when the post man arrived and it was two packages – BOTH for me! Hurrrrah. The small one was a packet of microwave popcorn from mum and dad and the other package stuffed with different chocolate bars and sweets from a lovely lady known to all as ‘Auntie Sue’! Genuinely still so happy. 
I constantly have a craving for food, especially chocolate and was even thinking about having to buy some to get me through these next few essays and assignments, and alas! No need. Serendipity 

I’m not too sure what the point of this blog post was, except that if you’re at university and struggling to find yourself, or wondering whether it really is for you, or even if you’re not, know that you’ll never be alone! I went through some really horrible times where I wanted to drop out so badly last year, but stuck at it, and you never know the next day might just turn out to be amazing. With the tiniest of changes to your routine or the odd treat here and there, it really can make a difference, and remember your family is always a text or Skype call away, even if pals are out doing their own thing! 🙂



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