Christmas Television Adverts

Now anyone who knows me, (and anyone who doesn’t but follows me on Twitter and has to deal with the unfortunate task of trudging through my Christmas tweets every other second,) know that I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS. I start talking about it at the end of the August, and feel it is perfectly acceptable to continue in a more enthusiastic manner once the -ember months come round.
And now it’s November, just under 7 weeks to go, and the meticulously planned, beautifully dressed, gloriously sparkly, heartwarmingly wholesome adverts are BACK. Boy have they outdone themselves, upping the feisty festive game from the previous year once again.

Many television adverts are no longer a piece of moving image made by a company to create commerce. The notion of watching Christmas adverts have become an experience. Christmas, whether we like it or not, is becoming more and more commercialised, and at the end of the day yes the company IS trying to sell us something beneath all those fairytale storylines and grinning families swaddled in fair isle and fleece, but it is no longer explicitly the physical product. As we sit back and watch the advertisements, we are no longer as inundated with products and models and their glaring red price tags plastered onto the screen (keeping in mind I’m talking about the large department stores and more high-end companies here.) 

Instead we are given an experience, a clever storyline, a moral message that might not seem to have anything to do with product or brand but is so captivating it will replay in our heads for days. We’ve learnt life lessons from snowmen, felt the same anticipation as we make the train journey back to our parents’ home and now John Lewis have well and truly outdone themselves with the loveliest cartoon about a bear’s first Christmas with his little hare friend. Ahh.

Companies know how much the festive season means to their audience because let’s face it, a LOT of people are a LOT chirpier, everyone just seems that bit more loving and forgiving at that time of year. The companies sure know this, and want to amplify it by blessing us with a visually-gratifying-to-all-of-the-senses delicious piece of film which they know will create buzz and a subconscious brand loyalty if they continue to perform each year.

And at the end of the day, that is ok. In fact it is very ok. Because these people are smart, they know what their audience want to feel and need to feel. It’s about that warm, comforting, Christmassy feeling that you’re left with once the short 2 minute film is over, and you find yourself once again thrown back into reality from the miniature Christmas wonderland (a bit like Rosie in the Marks and Spencer’s ad.) wishing you could live in that magical bliss forever.

I could talk for years about all this media advertising malarkey because I miss it a lot (yes you A Level Media Studies) but I just really want to express my love for the creativity and bloomin hard work they put into creating these advertisements.

So without further ado, let’s get on with it, the truly special Christmas 2013 television adverts:

John Lewis

Marks and Spencer


A few heartwarmers from previous years

and of course, 


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