Purple Passion

Sometimes all you need is a liberal amount of chocolate and a good magazine. 
I’ve been eating an atrocious amount of the stuff recently, (chocolate that is,) partly due to it being a source of strength for the rapid influx of uni reading and writing, partly due to the fact that the majority of it has been given/sent to me, and partly, probably mostly because I just love the flavour and comfort too damn much. Also, surely 1 one of my 5 a day is hidden in there somewhere what with the sprinkling of fruit and nut.. Yes? No? I still enjoyed it anyway. 
With a magazine balanced on one knee, a hot chocolate on the other, this evening was well spent as I dipped my chocolate into my mug and my mind in my mag, trying to push away slightly guilty thoughts about my next essay which ironically(?) is on the theme of ‘Feasting.’ How fitting.



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