Christmas in Glasgow

This is my second year living in Glasgow now, and after missing all of 2012’s festive delights, I decided that 2013 would not be a repeat! Taking time out of our busy study schedule (hurrah for pre-Christmas exams), my 3 flatmates and I nipped on the subway down to the St. Enoch centre next to where the Christmas markets reside. 

Market stalls
Delicious pick ‘n’ mix stall – Pricey though!
Spanish stall – cooking up some Paella!
Hog Roast – pork, stuffing, gravy, apple sauce, heaven.

HEAVENLY churros with
melted chocolate, marshmallows
and cinnamon
Merchant City

Buchannan Street
George Square’s fairground and ice skating

Lovely gianormous Christmas tree and sleigh with reindeer 🙂

We had a really lovely time and is fantastic for an evening out of the house and as a break from revision. If you’re in the city, definitely head on over, and then meander up to George Square for the lights and skating with hands full of churros and a bag of sweets and fudge. It’s something you can spend 10 minutes walking around if you just want a quick browse, but also something a good half hour-hour spent doing, mooching around and trying to grab as many free samples or tasters as possible! You’re guaranteed to leave with a very content tummy full of delicious food and festive cheer.


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