Food Replacements

Several months ago I decided that I needed to reinvent my daily diet. I’ve always grown up in a family of healthy eaters, and it’s been great, but I realised that although I eat well, I could eat even well-er. erm. Disclaimer: this isn’t going to be a blog post on a vegan/vegetarian/raw-food-only/extreme-health detoxed foodie, but someone who has realised that by making simple replacements in her diet, a difference to her body and health can be made.

Here’s what I’ve done:

Breakfast Cereal < Porridge/Oatmeal
I have grown up eating cereal every morning for my breakfast. We were never the kind of family that had toast or muffins or a full English or eggs or pancakes, just a variety of cereals. Although they weren’t necessarily “unhealthy,” i.e. it’s usually a squadron of boxes of bran flakes, weetabix, muesli, and perhaps some kind of corn cereal standing in line on the worktop, after reading a few of the nutrition labels and ingredients, I realised things like fruity/nutty/seedy cereal actually had a scary amount of sugar in them. Although cereal will always be a love of mine, the day I decided to have porridge for breakfast, and the day after, and the week after, and the month after I knew this was a very good decision! Mashed banana into the porridge before it’s fully cooked is incredible, as is a dash of vanilla extract and sprinkles of cinnamon and ginger.

Bread < Oatcakes 
Cut out all bread. I love bread. I always have, especially when it’s freshly baked, or bursting with seeds, or dripping in butter with a heavy slather of strawberry jam. But ridding it from my diet has made such a difference to my bloating and has helped me to shed weight. Even the brown and “healthy” looking loaves can have a scary amount of salt in, as we chow down blissfully oblivious, along with the naughty white flour breads. Instead, my lunches now consist of one or two large carrots and a couple of oatcakes, Nairn’s are usually at a good price and the “rough” ones are real good, and real filling.

White Pasta + White Rice < Brown Pasta + Brown Rice
I was delighted to discovered that brown pasta tasted no different to white, however there is a distinction between brown and white rice, in texture and flavour. Brown rice takes longer to cook, and admittedly it took various adjustments and experiments with water amount and cooking duration, but when you do properly achieve the perfect boil so the grains are all pale and fluffy, it’s fantastic and I have had absolutely no bloating. Score.

Unsalted nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits and chopped up veg is the way forward. Nuts are ridiculously filling in such small quantities and are perfect with my post-uni cup of tea or sprinkled on top of porridge if I have a particularly empty stomach that morning.

Disclaimer: I am by NO means any kind of health nutrition expert, these are just basic dietary improvements pretty much anyone can benefit from : )



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