What I Have Learnt: 1 Week Into New Year

So I’ve survived the first 7 days of January, (hurrah!) What have I already learnt and what am I going to continue into 2015?..

  • Starting a diary again was a marvellous decision. Even though nothing exciting is really happening in my life right now, (which was why having a diary was perfect for when I needed to ferociously scribble down every minute detail about previously more exciting times, (at all hours..)) nothing can buy back the time you had when you were younger; Tardises unfortunately don’t exist, and reading over your past self’s frenzied life, remembering all the ups and downs is priceless. After a 2 year hiatus apart from the odd few days here and there I’m determined get back into it and stick at it. 
  • You can leave it til the sixth day before you do your first workout of the year. My choice was a HIIT one by the FitnessBlender and I properly know what all the fuss is about now after doing it a couple of times. Short sharp bursts of heart-hammering exercise. No boredom here.
  • That familiar nervous/worrying-about-the-world feeling does return as an old year ends and you now face the ever-looming second semester of university which is always much more academically demanding. Also, the prospect of another year of your life coming to an end, and a new one beginning where you have no idea what situations you will face, people you will meet, and circumstances good/bad you may find yourself in can be scary. However, it is also exciting and the annual thrill of entering an unknown can make New Years sometimes feel like a double-edged sword, but we’ll definitely be keeping on the shiny positive side.
  • Family as ever are so important; I spent all of Christmas with them and saw in the new year with them by my side. There have been so many endless laughs and nibbles-binging-on-the-sofa moments and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
  • Packing your holdall ready for heading back to uni in the week before you leave softens the blow of saying goodbye for another few months away, in comparison to doing it the day before. Too emotional..
  • Although I haven’t set up any New Years Resolutions I’m just going to try and exceed and amplify all the good things, positivity and optimism in my life, whilst cutting down on the negative things I allow into and come out of my life.
  • Finally, the Christmas gluttony and half-stone gained will budge. And Spring’s here soon. Everything’s better in the sunshine.

Happy New Year : )



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