Beat the Winter Blues

Despite all of the brilliant and beautiful things winter can bring, sometimes the dark mornings, even darker evenings and general chill and lacklustre of the season can all get a little bit too much.

Here’s a checklist to keep you on tip top form:

  1. Make a hot drink – whether it’s as simple as a cup of tea, the treat of a teaspoon or two of sugar, or something all the more glamorous of a coffee-shop cappuccino or hot chocolate with all the trimmings; physical warmth can make such a difference.
  2. Go on a walk – even if it’s a walk to the bottom of the street and back again, or with a rucksack filled with picnic treats ready for a good hike; breathing some fresh air into those lungs and soaking up some vitamin D will do you the world of good. Getting out of the house, seeing other people going about their lives, and observing nature around you can take your mind off any worries or concerns, even for just a few minutes.
  3. Read a book – not just any old book, if you’re at school or uni and life is constantly consumed by required reading and scouring references for essays, take time to find a “pleasure” book, something you want to read and will transport you to a place so far from your current situation. Instead of spending the last 20 minutes before bed scrolling through social media, read a few pages of your favourite novel – there! No excuse ūüėČ
  4. Make contact – with the ones you love. Sometimes it’s so easy to get holed up in your personal problems and feeling alone that you forget you can get help. It’s as simple as Skyping your mum, texting your best friend, or just knocking on the door of your flatmate for a little venting session and getting it all off your chest. You’re not alone, and a chat with your nearest and dearest can mean the world – to both of you!
  5. Take an excursion – maybe that meander around your local park left you yearning for more? Go on a day trip and explore somewhere new. If you don’t live near the coast, catch a train to the seaside and inhale the salty, fresh air. Collect your favourite pebbles, shells and postcards. Maybe exploring another city is more your thing where you can lose yourself in a new and exciting metropolis. Treat yourself to lunch out at the no.1 spot on TripAdvisor, get lost in the maze of a museum or wander around the various sight-seeing hotspots.
  6. Bake a cake – a lemon drizzle cake, 12 cupcakes with the thickest buttercream, carrot cake, death-by-chocolate cake, flapjacks to nibble, shortbread to dunk. The smell of homebaking is one like no other. Create something from scratch, try a new recipe, and put all of your focus and mind into making something truly scrumptious.
  7. Do all of the above whilst blasting the most feel-good, endorphins-endorsing, grin-inducing, loudest soundtrack you can curate. Think grrrl power: Queen B – Crazy In Love, CRJ – Call Me Maybe, La Roux – Bulletproof, Natasha Bedingfield – Happy, Gabrielle – Sunshine, TLC – Pure Shores. And one for the guys: Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up

What are your quick pick-me-ups after a rubbish day or when you’re feeling the gloom of winter? What about ideas on a grander scale?¬†


ps. If you’re feeling the winter blues extra hard this year, and seek medical advice, these¬†Seasonal Affective Disorder websites may provide some help : )¬†¬†¬†


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