What Makes Pinterest So Stupendous?

I created my Pinterest account many moons ago but didn’t really do any “serious” Pinning until sometime in 2013. At first it was mainly culinary calorific delights that I would most likely never make, but still loved to spend many minutes poring over and scrolling down the page for the next one. 
Of course there is far more to Pinterest than food, in fact as the name suggests it’s largely crafty and artsy, a virtual “home-made” pin board or mood board where you can store everything from interior design inspiration to 10 uses for a piece of copper pipe..

Here are a few of my favourite sorts of pins: 
  • Interior Design/Home Decor – old and new inspiration, hundreds of eclectic styles. The beauty about Pinterest is that buttons can now be installed into your internet toolbar, and with websites now adding their own Pinterest hyperlinks, you can curate your board whilst browsing the Wilkinson’s website for a vase of fake flowers, to pinning your favourite designer big-wig’s dining room scene from the latest Elle Decoration.
Complementing Florals
Muted Honeycomb Pom-Poms
“5 Awesome Ways to Decorate Your Workspace”
  • Beauty – I have my own board dedicated to beauty and skincare, and Pinterest is the perfect place to keep note of all those tricks for glossier hair, foods that boost that glowy complexion and those articles from your favourite magazines and blogs that just won’t do being stored in a dusty box at the back of your mind
EverythingYou Need To Know About Skincare In Your Twenties
Exploring the Facemap

  • CHRISTMAS – Aah once you enter the magical Narnian wardrobe of Christmas Pinterest there’s no way you’ll come out alive. Or at least covered in glitter, tangled in string and in a sugar coma from 20 of the Best Christmas Cookies recipes…
  • 20 Christmas Tricks, Cheats and Tips
    Print-Out Homemade Hanging Decorations
    Marble+ Foliage Handmade Wrapping

    • Style/Outfit Ideas – it seems Polyvore is the place to create them and Pinterest is the place to show ’em off! You can get plenty of style inspiration here, just by searching simple tags such as “neutral style” “minimalist” or simply “outfit ideas.”
    “Relaxed Weekend”
    Smarter Dressing – Capsule Wardrobe

    • These are just a tiny snapshot of the sorts of themes Pinterest boards display, and what the site can offer. There are are so many miscellaneous interests and passions people have which can easily find their home amongst the style and craft heavyweights; such as how to replace a tyre and the birds to spot on your next countryside ramble, (well, probably..)

    Get Well Kit
    52 Places to Visit in 2015

    Send your Pinterest profile links my way! What are you favourite kinds of things to pin?

    TT4N P x


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