Dawson’s Creek ~ I’m Feeling Bleak

So I’ve just finished all 6 seasons of this absolute coming-of-age 90-00s corker, which I began watching back in September/October time. And I’m ridiculously gutted it’s over.
I mean technically, it’s been “over” for at least a decade, and being too young at the time I completely bypassed the whole thing. It’s the classic teen-drama, the original godfather long before One Tree Hill and The O.C. I’ve basically fulfilled every nineties craving and it was beautiful.

Andie, Jack, Jen, Joey, Pacey, Dawson

80% of the time I was drowning in their teenage angst, but it was just really sweet to watch. I thought Michelle Williams who played Jen was such a fantastic actress, and actually Katie Holmes’ portrayal of Joey through the ages of being a constant furrow-browed 15 year old, to a happier, refined young woman was great, (albeit still a lil moody every now and then..)

The silent, serious, hour-long staring-into-the-eyes scenes I actually found kind of funny, just because they were a bit cringe overload. Another thing I found funny because it just didn’t seem realistic was the actual dialogue of these fifteen year olds. I’m not the bluntest knife in the box, but I ain’t the razor-sharpest either. When I was fifteen I did not speak like that, and neither did my friends, or any other teens for that matter. The characters make fun of Dawson’s incredibly long-winded, profound, eloquent speeches, but by gum, what came out of their mouths wasn’t all that far from that of a few university-bred middle aged men. It added drama though, and substance to the screenplay, so it’s okay really 😉

I also totally did not expect the last few episodes, where the characters were all grown up and off living their adult lives. I LOVE a good makeover or now-and-then situation, so seeing the actors dressed just more maturely and slight changes in appearance was something I loved. I only realised until later though that Audrey wasn’t in any of the episodes where we discovered Jen was dying? They were pretty good pals and I was sad that wasn’t there in the story. I understand though that by her absence and also Jen’s “removal” from the creek it took the setting right back to basics, and the beginning, the love triangle of the three core characters – Dawson, Joey and Pacey. 

Admittedly, stupidly when I first began watching the show, I did a tiny bit of background reading and saw in the corner of my eye something about Jen dying or to do with her death. I immediately groaned and wished I hadn’t see in it, and wished it wasn’t true. The final two episodes took me on a complete emotional rollercoaster and I sat in my lil university room weeping away. OH JEN! And also, OH JACK! What an absolute sweetheart. Love him, and his relationship with Doug was to me by surprise! It was nice for the writers to tie up those loose sexuality strings once and for all though, and I think their partnership as fathers to baby Amy is the sweetest! Jen and Jack’s friendship and almost sibling-like bond was such a delight and almost privilege to witness on screen.
In keeping with character deaths, Dawson’s father’s was another I knew was coming because of reading ahead, but I was completely shocked about Abbie. Good ole Abbie Morgan. It seemed so early in the storyline to just have a sudden, almost hashed death to kill off her character. It was as if the actress phoned the director one day, deciding she no longer wanted to be a part of the show and falling off a pier to drown was the easiest quickest option. Bit weird, but her character wasn’t exactly a favourite either.
The final episode I watched included the lovely Andie McPhee, which I was pleased about because I read rumours that apparently her scenes were cut in the final ep.? I want her face and her hair. That is all.
Pacey + Joey. Ohhh you two! Yes, it was that partnership I favoured the most. Sorry Dawson. Dawson and Joey had just too much “Philia” love going on for me, rather than the “Éros,” of P+J, so it was always a bit weird seeing the two being romantically linked. Witter’s ain’t quitters. 
Final note, I need to head off out and discover my own creek with it’s own fishing platform and rowing boat and be eternally sun-kissed forever and always.

All grown up, rockin’ the world.

Every episode is available online, and it was just so nice to follow a fictional series for once. I’ve never grown up watching or being addicted to television soaps, or comedy series like Friends, but instead favoured My Parents Are Aliens and documentaries. Speaking of My Parents Are Aliens, a lil series of childhood television shows may be heading this way soon…

Did you watch Dawson’s Creek when you were growing up? Or like me, were you too young and dived in at a later age where you had already experienced many of the things they had? What did you think?


ps. I NOW know who the hell this is, and where it’s from. Oh internet.


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