Spring Perk Me Ups – Getting Ready for the Season

Throww those curtaiiiins wiiiiiide! And windows while you’re at it.


  • It’s safe to say, and I think I speak on behalf of much of the population here; sunshine makes everything better. It really does, as soon as I check the weather online and see a good few hours of those little golden sun symbols, I whoop inside. It warms you up on the outside, makes your heart happy and brings a kind of comfort that only a hug and your favourite treat food could rival.
  • If you’re dealing with sadness or grief in your life, surrounding yourself by the serene nature and growth out the great outdoors does just the trick of perking yourself up. There’s something comforting in seeing moving water, be that the ocean or a stream, even though it is not biologically a living breathing organism, it kind of is living, it isn’t static and creates movement and sound. The fact that spring brings an abundance of beautiful blooms in every colour under the rainbow is all the more reason to just get out there.


  • Fill your home with flowers and plants and bring the outdoors in! Perhaps an obvious one, but something about having physical life in a room – including the flame of a candle or hearth – can bring a real sense of comfort and happiness. The scent and sight of them are delicious and knowing you have a responsibility, even if for a week or so of topping a bunch of flowers up with water brings a sense of worth and general light to your life. Keep an eye out for reduced bunches in supermarkets.
  • Fresh fruit and veg. Although I keep this up throughout the year, there’s definitely something way more appeeling about picking up and consuming more of these juicy rainbow foods than in the past two chillier seasons. With bounteous blue skies and stronger sun rays shining in through your window, the idea of being healthier in general is heightened in the warmer months. Chomp down on bananas as your snack at work or in mid-revision to fill you up and make you happier (it’s true, they’re magical like that!), tomatoes and carrots are complexion brighteners and glow-getters, whilst berries are bountiful with antioxidants and a slice of lemon in your water will encourage you to drink more.
  • Spring Clean. Of course. Now is definitely the time if you didn’t post-Christmas to rid yourself of unworn/ill-fitting clothes, belongings you no longer use and general clutter and bits and pieces that you wouldn’t miss a month down the line. A good deep cleanse of your workspace, makeup brushes, the bathroom and the kitchen also wouldn’t go amiss. If you have a garden, or even a yard or flowerbox, get neatening it up ready for the flowering plants to peep through. Give a spritz of a clean-scented room spray or light of a candle, and definitely make a goold ole cup of tea in reward for all your hard work.


  • Now is a good a time as ever to whack out those pinks, corals, and the perhaps prettier hues on your lips, cheeks and nails. And while you’re at it, take 20 minutes out of your day to go the whole hog with an at-home mani and pedicure. I find the filing of feet, the buffing of nails and neatening up of cuticles is the best feeling.
  • Exfoliating is essential all year round, but with the ever-hopeful prospect of a little sunshine making us remove a few layers of clothing, giving your body a good scrub and body brush will have it ready for the rays in no time. 
  • Products loaded up with a fresher, perhaps more citrus or fruity scent will also help you get a spring in your step. A strawberry lipbalm, the Soap and Glory Sugarcrush bodybutter (which smells like key lime pie) and lighter perfume scents are perfect.


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