An Ode To The Carrot Cake

Ohhh carrot cake. Creamy, chunky, crumbly, captivating creation. A perfect blend of spices, fruit (vegetable) ‘n’ nut, and when the amount of buttercream (NOT marshmallow frosting) is just right, oh you are a thing of such beauty.

Are you my most favourite type of cake? I do love cake. But possibly, probably… I adore the variations of chocolate cake and Victoria sponges but the buttercream just gets to me. And I’m pretty sure my body is 90% cinnamon due to hasty porridge toppings in the mornings.

Growing up, my mum always used one recipe, and one only. Good ole Delia Smith from the pages of a well used and well loved, super thick recipe book. Carried out correctly, the cake will blow your mind.

When it comes to the public domain and coffee-shops/cafés/shop-bought offerings, who tips the top?

John Lewis, without a doubt. To be honest if Delia’s was plated up next to JL’s I honestly don’t know who would win.

The thing about the John Lewis coffee-shop’s cake is that it really does look, feel, smell and taste properly homemade and handmade. There are copious amounts of icing – on top and sandwiched (the two is an absolute must), and the nut to sultana to sponge ratio is just divine. As a membership card owner every so often I’m entitled to a FREE cake and hot drink, and there is a chance that nothing else can rival the kind of happiness this gives me. Each time I visit I choose the carrot cake. Except once I tried the chocolate, and although it was good it wasn’t phenom. I’m sorry I ever left you CC.
This is what it looks like:

My first experience. Forever in my heart. With a latte on de side
My most recent experience with an artery-clogging hot chocolate. (But worth it)

As for Delia; since the book’s publication she has continued to amend the recipe to create the most majestic it can become. Her most recent adaptation and something that “has reached its all-time peak – this one has been unanimously voted the best ever,” can be found here: 

Print version here.

And these lil beauties are mine and mum’s attempts:

Mum’s offerings last Easter of Carrot Cake AND Vicky Sponge. What a treat.
 A lil somethin’ I made for the cook who works in the community centre I volunteered at in the summer. (Thank goodness) she loved it!
I could swim in buttercream.

So how about you? Do you think you have any recipes that could possibly rival Delia’s? I don’t eat out all that much, so haven’t tried every single carrot cake in the major coffee-shops, so maybe you could nudge me in the direction of somewhere in the market that just whips JL’s tush? 

I now need a slab of carrot cake pronto. Hm, maybe make that the whole thing.

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