Freebie Fiend

Hi I’m Philippa, and I am completely fine with admitting that I get a real buzz, and have a hawk eye for freebie finds and letterbox samples. 
I don’t think enough people know about the corners of the internet where you can get a LOT of free stuff just by entering a few personal details, maybe answering the odd poll question, and returning home to the joy of a pile of deliciously glossy envelopes housing shiny little pockets of serums, moisturisers, oils and er, sanitary products.
Unless it’s dog food, or you have to do a dodgy sign up to a freebie website (this doesn’t include the likes of supersavvyme, which is reputable and won’t hound you with junk (e)mails from outside companies), then you can bet your bottom dolla I’ll be there grabbing it.
I’ve recently returned home home for Easter, and had a lovely mound of post waiting for me, 3 of which were freebie envelopes. WELL EXCITING, especially when I’d completely forgotten about most of them.
This time it included:

Vichy’s Liftactiv Supreme serums/moisturisers/beauty elixirs. This was actually a really cool find; I filled out a short questionnaire about my skin type and how it feels at the start of the day, at the end of the day, and my long-term skincare concerns. They then tailored the correct lil samples to meet my needs and sent me 7 sachets (one for each day). This is particularly great because there’s more chance of being able to physically see a difference the product (could be) making, rather than just a one-sachet trial where you don’t really have a clue.

Garnier’s Ultimate Blends The Sleek Perfector Oil. It claims to tame frizz and flyaways, whilst doubling up as a heat protector and general hair glossifier. My current Vo5 oil is on its last legs so this will be a welcome temporary addition to my stock!

Bodyform’s Ultra Towels – Roll. Press. Go. I’ve received a huge bundle from this company before and I was so chuffed and shocked that they were willing to freely give away such a sizeable amount of their products. Anyway, their latest offering is a pretty nifty creation. I’m sure we’ve all experienced an awkward situation where we’ve finished using the pad but then have nowhere to safely, or hygienically dispose of it, unless we completely mummify the thing in tissue or wrap it up with the fresh towel’s packaging willing it to not unfurl behind our backs.This product has a sticky sealant around the edge of the plastic packaging so your “business” can be completely, and discreetly rolled up, locked tight, and if need be taken with you until you can find a suitable place to bin it. It’s a good idea, and will certainly put many women’s minds at ease, but it probably won’t be something I’ll be purchasing personally; just because, well, I’m tight on myself with money.

Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I already have two mini magazine samples of Benefit’s Porefessional primer, but I think every (wo)man and his/her dog has tried Smashbox’s offering and raved about it, so I’m truly exciting to squeeze and smear this (oo-er) on my t-zone the next time I’m heading out and don’t fancy looking like a knob of butter. (Shiny, so very, very shiny.)

In the past I’ve bagged the likes of a multipack of Cheerios’ snack bags, a multitude of serums, foundations, fake tan, tea, chocolate and household cleaning items that I or my parents have used up nicely. Places like department stores are also a dream to gather goodies; I once left John Lewis with enough Philosophy samples to look after a small army of skincare fiends.

If you’re feeling thrifty and want to try before you buy then I seriously recommend keeping your eye out for these lil deals! Here are some (safe) websites/links to use:

SuperSavvyMe – Owned by P&G. I know a lot of people refuse to buy from them, but if you’re desperate.. and there’s so much choice.


MoneySavingExpert – for money saving in general. There’s probably more info on voucher codes than actual freebies, but it’s an absolute haven if you have enquiries or just generally fancy some thrifting.
StudentBeans – SO good for us students. I get emails from them telling me about freebies and competitions, but unfortunately you can only access the deals by signing up with your institution. Sorry non-uni goers 😉
PG Tips – big companies and websites like PG tips often have tabs on their pages that link you to free samples of their products.
FeelUnique – same goes to cosmetics companies and websites in general such as ClarinsBenefit and Escentual when you checkout.

Are you too an avid freebie finder and sample snaffler? Which website do you recommend? 
*** p.s. TIP: I always use an old email address/one that is solely used for entering competitions/applying for freebies. You will more than likely get emails from the company you’re rinsing products of, so bare that in mind : )

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