In The Thick Of It

Long gone are the days of lazing around, watching endless documentaries on catch-up, reading blogs for hours and feeling pretty guilt-free about that. In more recent times I’ve been watching the endless documentaries, reading the blogs and feeling completely guilty about it all. Well, kind of. That time existed more in the nice limbo period once teaching had finished and Spring break began. Now it’s pretty much full study steam ahead.
Yep; exams are a-comin’. Alll aboaaard!
My days now aren’t structured around lectures and tutorials, but instead I have to create my own scheduled breaks amongst the new revision routine, and that in itself is a double edged sword. I love being able to structure my own days and weeks, particularly if everyone else who isn’t at uni are groaning about hump day, and I decide Wednesday is my weekend and take a well earned day off. But then again, it is revision we’re talking about here, and if we could choose between days off or having our brains boiled in the library we all know which one we’d choose. 😉

Since returning from my Easter hols my diet hasn’t really been the toppest notch. I’ve been getting back to eating lots of veg, fruit and wholegrain/brown carbohydrates again, but along with a whole packet of mini chocolate bars mum secretly packed in my bag, and Tuesday’s trauma of just about reaching Tesco’s check-out before a huge crate of discounted bread and cookies completely blocked my path, commanding me to put a bag of reduced cookies for 55p into my basket, I sure haven’t helped myself get back on the health track. Darrrrnit!

I’m frustrated with myself because over Easter I basically undid all the hard work I’d put in whilst at uni in properly working out, and so now I have even more to burn off on top of the previous padding (fitness update soon. Ish.) HOWEVER, at the same time I can’t scold myself too badly because I, and I’m sure several hundred thousand other teenage-20 somethings are going through exactly the same feelings and decisions.
We all know exam period is a messy, uncouth time for our bodies and brains, inside and out, but treats get us through the slog of memorising case studies and motivate us to finish those practice essays. Right?..
Where am I going with this? Who knows; I’m certainly not advocating an overconsumption of sugar, but I’m also letting you know you’re not alone if you’re struggling with procrastination or feeling racked with guilt at the sight of the empty junk-food wrapper lying cold and ashamed, broken on the floor bin.
Sometimes it’s okay to have a packet of biscuits for tea, and it’s definitely okay to take an evening off to engage your brain in some other activity, that isn’t stimulated by uni/school work. 
Just keep going, get back on it the next day, and never, ever give up!

Are any of you currently studying for exams? Or are those days long behind you and you are now reading this with your 2.4 children and secure dream job by your side? Oh blimey.


ps. If you noticed my Natalie Imbruglia reference, 4 cookies for you. Kind of epitomises exam period really doesn’t it? 😉

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