The Unconventional Summer Activities List

Once exams are over, mum and dad have picked me up in the chariot of destiny, (the family car, as we head in a straight line south down the A74), and I’m back home and unpacked, there’s a few things I’d really like to do over the summer break. This isn’t a list of the “buy an ice pop,” “go on a roadtrip with pals,” (although yes please) it’s the slightly weird, it’s the wonderful, and it’s what I’m gonna be doing come beginning of June:

  • Re-read My Childhood Books – Yes, even those from nursey –> tweenhood. I started this last year and was so swept up in the glorious reminiscence of yesteryear, that this activity is most definitely making another appearance in the summer. It’s a funny one because you catch the hidden connotations the author had buried in their words, or experience and think about their anecdotes in a completely new light, particularly if you’ve now lived past the age of the characters and can look back and relate in some way.
  • Visit A Garden Centre – This was a weekend activity with my parents and brother I was rather fond of. I will always love the sweet, woody scent of compost and woodchip, poring over and picking out various plant bulbs, and just the general organised chaos of those places. Some are even lucky enough to have a play area. Not that I er, would go on there now of course.
  • Repaint My Walls and Storage Drawers – Maybe this isn’t the most unconventional, but we quickly redecorated my bedroom in the Summer and Autumn of 2012 and it’s in definite need of patching up along with a lick of white to neaten up the skirting boards. I love decorating and interior design so much, especially the leftover smell of freshly painted walls. Ooh yeah.
  • Tackle My Pinterest Foods&Drinks Board This baby is growing by the day. I’m constantly discovering new recipes with flavour combinations and cooking techniques I’d never had dreamed of, but have probably only created something from the board 2 or 3 times. This needs to change, I currently have 826 pins and counting..
  • Cook a Sit-Down Meal For My Family (more than once) In a similar vein to the last point, I’d really like to find a gorgeous recipe we all haven’t tried before, whip it up (as best I can), and treat them (mostly mum) to a relaxed, plan-free treat tea. I appreciate them so much, and as I’m at uni for the greater half of the year, family meals around the dining table together should be valued and appreciated!
  • Walk In Unexplored Areas – Something I love about where I live is the surrounding, abundant countryside a pebbles throw from the house. There are so many hidden away hamlets, nifty nooks, and long, overgrown paths leading to wildlife wonderlands in the county of Lancashire that are just itching for my lil legs to explore. 
  • Read Past Diaries – Every so often when I’m back home, I’ll drag out my bulging bag of diaries and have a good ole read through them, picking out notebooks or the odd bits of paper stapled together at random. Similar to reading over my childhood books, this activity can bring a whole wave of emotions, often ones you are not prepared for. I am so, so glad I made the decision to start writing a diary. It all started when Grandma and Grandpa took to me a touring Anne Frank exhibition where they bought me a (blank) replica of her journal for my 14th birthday. That experience, along with my fresh obsession with the Georgie Nicholson series, made me truly fall in love with writing about my teenage turmoils to my newly-acquired best friend.
Happy 14th Birthday ole chap

The list is quite small I’m sure I’ll think of plenty more in the next couple of months! The usual activities like wild berry picking, catching up on (adult) fiction books and lazing about in the sun with friends are of course top of my to-do list as well. 
Do you have any slightly unusual things you want to get done that are weirdly exhilarating? Pottering about the garden and weeding is another thing I enjoy. No seriously. 


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