Eat – Exercise – Pin – Read – Listen – Watch #1

Eat – Homemade leek and sweetcorn soup, tomato sauce based dishes with cauliflower to bulk. Chocolate raisins, chocolate peanuts. Healthy eating is slightly out the window for the time being…. Bear with.

Exercise – Has been completely off due to revision (yes, yes it is not really an excuse.) I wake up at 5:45am, leave the flat at 7, and after a day in the library and consequently more revision after some chill and food time back home, I have no desire or motivation whatsoever. But I am noticing the (not-so-good) difference this is making to my body, so cannot wait to properly get. back. on. it.

Pin – Ottolenghi’s famous carrot cake recipe ohsweetsugarygoodness, ITG’s guide to Bianca Jagger’s makeup on her wedding day. My eyes are particularly drawn to all things wedding at the moment because a couple of weeks ago my best friend got engaged to her boyfriend! Frantic Weddings Board pinning thus commenced. One Year Into Work – a great article by a post-grad giving the low-down on what to expect from interviews and the job itself.

Read – Do revision notes count? 😉 Sorry, sorry I keep wanging on about it. I haven’t been reading any books of my choice for a long time, but on the web I’ve still been keeping up to date with my Bloglovin’ feed. I’ve especially enjoyed Into The Gloss’s 5th birthday celebration of all their Best Beauty Tips from over the years and Caroline Hirons’ fantastic no-nonsense, streamlined guide to what you should look out for and avoid, according to your skin issue. 

Listen – A week ago I discovered Grooveshark had shut down. Completely. I was about to merrily log in at uni to add another song to my huge collection, and there it was. A vast canyon of nothingness. Thankfully a Twitter pal informed me of a Reddit feed which showed you how to access your music collection through relatively easy coding. I have my main collection now stored as a Word document, but have completely lost all my Favourites and playlists; most heartbreakingly of all, my beloved PPPPARTY playlist which was jam-packed full of the best “going-out” rave beats. A sad day.
Instead, I’ve been trying to make the most of dodgy ready-made Youtube playlists and commercial radios. I’ve been listening to Kisstory for a while anyway, and they have served as a good getting ready/pre-drinks soundtrack in the past, but XFM having really been hitting the spot lately. Particularly in the evenings playing quietly in the background as I work. I rarely listen to music when I do study because it’s very off putting, particularly if vocals are involved. Good ole XFM however has just the right kind of vibe that drawls away in a hazy indie cloud. When set to the correct volume, it proves to be great company whilst I scribble down memory tests and spider diagrams.

Watch – I’ve still been keeping up with my Youtube subscriptions, but have had to click on through quite a few because the minutes they all rack up take away the minutes I should be spending studying. One channel though, whose videos I have particularly adored, and never scrolled through to get to the end are Casey Neistat‘s. The film-maker began to document his life by uploading short, daily video clips of what he gets up to in NYC and beyond. Never failing to include an intimate close-up of one of his many life-mantras or motivational chats, Casey’s content is exactly what I need in my life right now.

This is a new feature. An accumulation of the past month or so’s goings on in my life and the world around me. It might become a monthly thing, or just simply the odd sporadic post of when I feel like I might have some sort-of-interesting notes to share.

What have you been up to then?


ps. I got a haircut! Back to a lob (long bob) Feeling so much better for it. Woop woop


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