Reading Round-Up #1

A brutally honest piece on how the housing market in the Big Smoke is getting out of hand with the highest living costs in the developed world. Sami Mikhail tells us of his move from London to the slightly nippier, greener and darn sight cheaper heights of the Fifer town Cupar. Pollution-engulfed lungs, be gone! 
Interestingly, Jonathan Jones fights from the opposing corner. Let the fight begin, round one!

adore Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and recently re-read it at the end of my final term at university, for pleasure and escapism purposes. Hilary McKay, another author whose books I collected and would enjoy reading even now – a sign I feel of a truly talented author, looks back on 150 years of Alice’s journey in the underground world of talking cats and smoking caterpillars with Tenniel’s paintings in colour.

Due to my mum’s ever-growing passion for anything Jewish, and the ongoing anti-Semitism in the world, my eyes now will always pick up on texts that include the word or its associates. In a world where blogs, Youtube channels, articles and products are at their peak in catering for the female appearance, Ilana Freedman strips it all back with a very traditional, but satisfying way of living. She opens the doors to a completely different world that Western women are consumed by.

Vagenda Magazine’s Twitter first drew my attention to this completely brilliant Tumblr account which is dedicated to poking holes in the patriarchy of not just Disney, but other children’s film-makers. It also consists of many race-related issues too, by answering the questions and queries of other users on the site about things they have seen or need advice on. You could read it for hours and doesn’t disappoint on the meme front.

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