My Autumn Staples

The A-Line Denim Skirt

This past year at uni had largely seen me in skinny high-waisted jeans and the odd plain dress for lecture days, whilst black leggings proved perfectly comfortable for days in the library. However, there’s definitely something about wearing a perfectly fitted skirt and clopping about in polished black brogues that feels incredibly put together. Enter the blue denim skirt. 

A sharp silhouette with a sturdy fabric that holds its shape, a high waist to tuck in t-shirts and blouses, and a block colour that will complement almost any colour and print. I bought this back in July having been in need of a versatile, durable skirt that washes well, holds its shape and will see me through many months to come.

The Vintage Coat

Nowadays it is very easy to find a well-cut coat of quality material on the high-street, but there is certainly something about an item of clothing from a bygone era that encapsulates effortless chic. I’m thankful for inheriting two divine winter coats of my Mum’s from back in the day. The first is an androgynous teal green and blue pure wool duffel coat, with deep pockets, sleeves just reaching my wrists and the hemline brushing my knees. It has a button fastening and as expected, keeps you niiice and toasty.

The second is a hand-tailored sheepskin by Oakleaf. A gorgeous biscuit coloured, fur-lined coat, with a matching fur collar and turned up sleeves. Again this coat has the ever vital pockets; I think if a jacket doesn’t have pockets then I’m not quite sure it deserves the title of A Coat. The chain loop for hanging, rather than a fabric just adds to the glamour of seeing this number hanging up in the wardrobe. 

The Leather Boot

2015 is my fourth year owning this beautiful pair of calf-length, two-tone, brown leather boots. From Marks & Spencer in 2011, I bought these with the intention of seeing me through many an Autumn/Winter, and so far, so good. I always believe everyday footwear should be an investment, and have done since my school days when we would buy perfectly fitted leather shoes that would last for the full academic year minimum. 
Once you have bought a good quality pair of shoes, it is vital to endure in post-purchase maintenance so that you squeeze every penny’s worth out of them. For me, this includes regular polishing and re-heeling. Here’s to the next four years..

The On-Trend Shirt

With a new season comes a new key piece, plucked straight from the clothing rail that embraces the season’s colours and prints.
I don’t exactly follow fashion trends, but rather pick up what I fancy in a store and make of it as I will. Seasonal trends however, I love to transition into. Swapping summer rain macs for wax jackets and brighter colours for moodier blues and grey hues is something I truly enjoy come September. Due to my colouring, my wardrobe palette is 90% greys, blues, black and the odd brown and white anyway.
The moment my eyes fell upon this floral shirt I knew I would not be leaving H&M without it. It encapsulates every gorgeous stormy colour, including blackberry purples, hints of mustard yellow and an overall shade of blue that complements, rather than clashes with my greeny-blue-grey eyes. A round necked button-up collar, with buttoned sleeves to match, this neckline is a dream for someone who doesn’t quite suit the typical triangular collared shirt, allowing the option of a more formal attire by closing the whole neckline, or the option of a relaxed open collar, with a little décolletage.
This is still available to buy but you must be quick! I reckon this is going to go down a storm, along with the dresses and blouse in the same print.

I can’t wait to shrug on the coats and slip on this shirt come the cooler weather. A good lightweight scarf and rust-toned eyeshadows won’t go amiss either. 

What are your key pieces for transitioning into Autumn/Fall? 



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