The Boots Booty

From that title there are various puns that could be made, but I’m gonna keep it simple; what are the hidden treasures that our nation’s favourite chemist have kept under wraps? Or certainly, what are the products that not so many of us know about, but exist and are patiently sitting on the bottom shelf ready and waiting for our grabbing hands? Here are 3 of my highstreet budget heroes:

Coconut & Almond Leave-In Conditioner; normal to dry hair

One of the first items that comes to mind is their Coconut and Almond haircare and bodycare Ingredients range. Now, technically, the range isn’t quite sitting on that bottom shelf (yet). Several weeks ago I realised that they had stopped selling their lovely Coconut and Almond leave in hair conditioner spray, and with my dismay so very real, I did what any broken-hearted beauty lover would do. I tweeted them. 
The correspondence as follows:

Hi Phillipa, this is coming back in a new and improved range in 1-3 months. Keep your eye out! – Laura”

Well I think we all know just how quickly the tears were replaced with those of joy. When I first bought the product the cost was around £1.50 for 150ml and glowing reviews online mirrored the results it produced. Just a snip of other leading brands’ prices, the formula is lightweight and delicious smelling, with the hint of almond taking away any possibly overpowering coconut scent. It left my hair feeling soft, looking nourished and was brilliant sprayed liberally throughout my damp tresses. Excited to see what the redevelopment will have to offer is a slight understatement.. 😉

Boots Essentials Extra Firm Hold Hairspray

At a whopping 450ml for £1.99 this product is a dream purchase. Post-spray the hair is left firmly in place, not resembling a crispy toupee that’s hard to touch, but instead finely misted, and distributed evenly across the desired area. I do hate it when aerosol/spray products seem to just have a single jet-engine hole that fires the product in one particular area rather than an even distribution. There’s no dodgy squinting or preparation to take cover here. 
This body moisturiser is an absolute steal at £1.49 for 400ml! The scent is subtle, but long-lasting, leaving a lovely whiff of sweet cocoa post-application. The texture a happy medium, neither being too thick nor too thin, with a little going a long way, and being housed in a squeezy bottle means no messy dunking of the digits into a pot of gloop. The product simply leaves your skin replenished and conditioned throughout the day, with long term benefits too due to the addition of Vitamin E. 

So that’s mine, now I would love to know what your highstreet heroes are! Are there any own-brand products that you reckon could rival my picks? Tell me your secrets! 🙂


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