A Weekend At Home

I think if one is to indulge in a rare weekend at home, I would highly recommend it being an Autumn one.
Compared to the carpeted streets of Glasgow, the leaves are still very much on their trees here, but the gold and russet shades have definitely crept across the greenery. I can still feel the change in the air however, the whole atmosphere feels incredibly cosier than it did when I left for uni back in mid September. 

Coming home in Autumn means having a wholesome dinner cooked for you in the evening! Last night we had roasted garlic chicken, baked potato, sprouts and lashings of onion gravy. MMmmm. Tonight is a homemade curry, currently being prepared as I type. Even better 😉

It also means drawing all the curtains with your dad come 5pm, hooting away together about all sorts of nonsense, the living room getting prepared for everyone to sprawl out in afterwards, mugs of hot drinks at the ready. The dark, cold evening firmly shut away from view.

It means sleeping in absolute silence. There is no whir of traffic, no slamming of doors from flat mates, an abundance of pillows, and the gorgeous pleasure of waking up in a certain kind of cosy comfort that is hard to explain. You feel safe, warm, and so content knowing you’re sharing your living quarters with people you know inside out and who care about you a lot. That’s prittttty lovely stuff for an October Saturday morning!

It means padding about in super squishy, fleece lined pajamas, with not a scrap of makeup on and having a plethora of toppings available for your porridge come breakfast time.

It means seeing your friends in person! Catching up over sips of G&T and swipes of lipstick as you get ready for a good old night out in your home town.

It means the clocks go back! Tonight, British Summer Time in the UK ends and we are treated to an extra hour in bed.

It also means having to leave everybody and everything behind again for another few months. That’s always the worst part; waiting for your train back to uni on a gusty concrete platform, clutching your holdall and focusing on the good memories made in your whistle-stop visit, knowing that judging by the speed of the first half term, you’ll be back home in no time. 
And of course we all know what that means….
CHRISTMAS is just around the corner!



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