Festive Drinks Delights

The meal plans are sorted, the list’s been written and rewritten 5 times over, the turkey’s been ordered and the sherry… The sherry. For many, this festive period isn’t complete until the booze has been brought in and settled nicely on the side table for all to admire in their glinting glory. 
Of course, non-alcoholic and mocktail recipes are also provided, hot and cold, because there are a plethora of things this time of year that can also give you that warm, fuzzy merriment.
In the same vein as the food posts here, and here I’ve collated a useful little list of all things thirst-quenching and merry-making. Enjoy!

Alcoholic Cocktails

Pomegranate Vanilla Sangria – HowSweetEats.com

[With Milk/Ice-Cream]

  • [Non-Alcoholic] 4 Chocolate Bar Milkshakes Malteser Milkshake, Salted Caramel Chocolate Milkshake, Peanut & Chocolate Milkshake and Vegan Chocolate Milkshake
  • Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake Let the kids enjoy the first recipe, whilst the adults sip away on this beauty.
Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake – imbibemagazine.com

  • Gingersnap Eggnog What’s Christmas without a tipple of eggnog?
  • White Dove If amaretto and ice-cream are your go-to flavours, this will be right up your alley.

Hot Drinks

Gingersnap Eggnog – SeriousEats.com

Drinks to Pair with Your Food:

..And For Something a Little Different:

White Russian – Byrdie.com


Remember: Drink responsibly, and may you have the loveliest of Christmases 🙂


Festive Food Delights 1

I haven’t forgotten about you oh little blog! The pace and pressure of fourth year is well and truly under way, but I’ll always have time to squeeze in a post. 
If mentioning the C-word [Christmas] was frowned upon in previous weeks, I feel I can freely shout it from the rooftops now, as advent begins next Tuesday! My Christmas playlist is currently playing, I’ve just had a nosy at Paperchase’s divine decorations collection, and the temperature outside is plummeting, pronto.

All in all then, I feel my first festive themed post is due; a neat round-up of the recipes I’m wishing I was making, and dreaming I was eating. This week’s recipes have gone all out, rum-lit blazing, and are stupendously gluttonous. Put away the spiraliser til at least January 2nd, pop the chia seeds in the pantry, and treat yourself to some of these delights I’ve handily collated for you:


Maple Pecan Cinnamon Rolls – Bakingdom.com

Christmas Dinner


Christmas Pudding

  • Classic Christmas Pudding Only in the last two or three years have I truly enjoyed Christmas pudding. If you use a great recipe and good quality fruits, the dry mouth and overwhelming richness will be a thing of the past.
  • Celebrity Chefs’ Recipes Check out Eliza Acton’s and Nigel Slater’s for the 5/5 rated recipes.
pssst. Next week’s post includes healthier + vegetarian alternative pudding recipes

Classic Christmas Pudding – BBCGoodFood.com

Alternative Desserts




..And if in doubt, shovel everything into a large bap and have pop the dishes in the sink for soaking.

Roast Chicken With Maple Syrup, Figs and Farro – Telegraph.co.uk

Round-Up Lists:

Keep your eyes peeled for posts on healthy alternatives and beverages guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart..


A Week In Photos ~ Easter

So I came home from uni last Wednesday night, and I go back to uni tomorrow morning. Since then I’ve put on a nice extra layer of body “wadding” from eating triple the daily amount I usually do, made some lovely memories with family and friends, and soaked up some glorious, completely unexpected sunshine. 
I take several photographs of things each day. I don’t even really bother to get the composition right, I miss out the corners of objects,they’re often blurry and certainly not taken at the most aesthetically pleasing angles. But I am totally fine with that, because I’m desperate to live in, and enjoy the moment, so I’ll whack out my phone, snap once or twice a shot of my meal, or the view from the top of the hill we just walked up, and then I’ll put it down, and devour the food, and take in my surroundings. Appreciating, but on a kind of fast motion scale.
I take the photographs because I want to go back and savour the moment, now a memory, the next week, the next year, the next day, and remember how delicious that strange food concoction was, a visual recipe for me to go back and recreate again someday.
Here are (some) of the pictures I’ve taken, each with an anecdote about why what was captured was special to me:

Waking up to somewhat greener surroundings on my first morning back.
Mum and I headed out for a gorrrgeous walk later that morning, exploring a hidden away hamlet and house-nosying. The blue sky gave me happiness like no other.
Left-Right: Finally got my mitts thanks to mum on Essence’s hazy, tropical ombré blush. Cheap as chips and a work of art. 
Sunbathing in my room a little later in the week when the sun properly came out to play. I opened my huge window wide and tried to sunbathe. 
Because a hot chocolate with marshmallows should not be confined to the seasonal restraints society has placed on it. 
A snap of another walk with ma and pa. Daffodils everywherrre. So lovely.
The photo below the egg and coffee was captured at my friend Emma’s house where we, and our other pal Amy ate enough crisps and chocolate to stock our bellies up for a year. Along with wine and other bevvies, it’s safe to say I made up for the sugar I cut  out  of my diet when I’m back at uni.
Taken on daffodils-walk. The first day it became properly take-your-outer-layer-off warm. This lil hang-glider was having a whale of a time.
Ahh, finally some proper food shots I hear you say! 
Top left-right: Steak & red wine pie, mash, veg. 
Last lunch of the holiday! Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, olives, grapes, apples, strawb yoghurt and probably a few other bits and bobs nestled in there. 
This lamb wholemeal wrap fandango was incredible! Lamb, lettuce, sweetcorn, tomato, cucumber, peas, sweetcorn, mint sauce, sweet-chilli sauce, and something else I can’t remember.. The rice was amazing, cooked and mixed with gravy – I KNOW, what an invention.
Easter Sunday’s lunch bowl of banana, strawb yoghurt and broken up easter egg. 
The final walk of the holiday with mum. She’d been up here recently, but I hadn’t ever walked around where we did. Over the holiday I developed the worst cold imaginable, (thank you family 😉 ), but getting out in the fresh air does you the world of good! A lovely afternoon spotting lambs, rabbits and pheasants. And more house-nosying.

A lil montage of revision shots. Left to right: A slice of my brother’s leftover pizza after breakfast/before lunch. I honestly eat everything and anything, espesh when it’s free, and something that I never eat in my usual uni diet (cheese, white carbohydrates.)

Left – right: FINALLY met the latest addition to our family; a 1927 Singer sewing machine. Dad got it to sew patches on, and mend his biker gear. I’m obviously also going to be having the time of my life with  it in summer.
First lunch out in the garden. Ginger beer, banana, Emmental on oatcakes and the usual salad.
Below: Last supper before heading off. I assembled this absolute bayeauuuty of a lasagne, again something I never had at uni. Glorious, whilst reminiscing with family about past-neighbours memories.
The shot from my wonderfully, unbelievably quiet train carriage heading back! My half was completely empty up until a couple stops before Glasgow, and amazingly, my whole table enclave was empty! Nothing worse than being squished up around a table trying to work. Especially the TransPennine ones. Oh TransPennine..
How did you spend your Easter? Did you get a day off, a week, or currently on Spring Break/Easter holidays? I’m currently on my “holidays” in the ever-dreaded-but-also-quite-enjoyable revision period! First exam is Wednesday 29th April. The memories of Easter and the memories I’m going to make as soon as I walk out of that last exam hall, will be what keeps me going! Oh and food.
Always food.


Purple Passion

Sometimes all you need is a liberal amount of chocolate and a good magazine. 
I’ve been eating an atrocious amount of the stuff recently, (chocolate that is,) partly due to it being a source of strength for the rapid influx of uni reading and writing, partly due to the fact that the majority of it has been given/sent to me, and partly, probably mostly because I just love the flavour and comfort too damn much. Also, surely 1 one of my 5 a day is hidden in there somewhere what with the sprinkling of fruit and nut.. Yes? No? I still enjoyed it anyway. 
With a magazine balanced on one knee, a hot chocolate on the other, this evening was well spent as I dipped my chocolate into my mug and my mind in my mag, trying to push away slightly guilty thoughts about my next essay which ironically(?) is on the theme of ‘Feasting.’ How fitting.


Saturday Rambles

So I’m in my second year of university now, and although the location is far better than halls, and I’m with girls I know there won’t be any tense moments or fall outs with, I have had a few ‘down’ moments these past few weeks. 
Most weekends I’m in the flat on my own due to my flatmates’ work, leisure and relationship commitments. Don’t worry, I’m not seeking sympathy, but with the weekly ‘why am I doing this course?’ ‘WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING IN SCOTLAND?’ thoughts, I’ve felt a bit lost, the same feelings around this time last year but not quite so strong. 
However, this year is far better in terms of study and positivity, but there are moments when I feel a bit home-lonely and just need some lovin from back home. 
Last night I decided to have a long very warm shower, (I figured it’s ok because I was the only one in.. Shh!) used my favourite pamper products and instantly felt a LOT better and happier when browsing around the web and doing a bit of Pinning and Youtubing, and yet it was exactly the same activity as before the shower. Sometimes it’s as simple as a good deep cleanse of hair, having uber soft skin and a mini pedi that does the trick. 
This morning I woke up way before my alarm, but I was content, amused from last night’s yummy dream, smelling delicious and ready for a day of catching up on the Shaytards, finishing my english essay (Hurrah!) and doing some housework.
Along with a smaller than normal bowl of cereal I ‘treated’ myself to a slice of toast. All it had on it was butter but good grief it was beautiful. Again just another minor change to my usual routine (I never shower at night), that affected how I was feeling and my outlook for the day.
The best thing that happened however, was around midday when the post man arrived and it was two packages – BOTH for me! Hurrrrah. The small one was a packet of microwave popcorn from mum and dad and the other package stuffed with different chocolate bars and sweets from a lovely lady known to all as ‘Auntie Sue’! Genuinely still so happy. 
I constantly have a craving for food, especially chocolate and was even thinking about having to buy some to get me through these next few essays and assignments, and alas! No need. Serendipity 

I’m not too sure what the point of this blog post was, except that if you’re at university and struggling to find yourself, or wondering whether it really is for you, or even if you’re not, know that you’ll never be alone! I went through some really horrible times where I wanted to drop out so badly last year, but stuck at it, and you never know the next day might just turn out to be amazing. With the tiniest of changes to your routine or the odd treat here and there, it really can make a difference, and remember your family is always a text or Skype call away, even if pals are out doing their own thing! 🙂