Festive Drinks Delights

The meal plans are sorted, the list’s been written and rewritten 5 times over, the turkey’s been ordered and the sherry… The sherry. For many, this festive period isn’t complete until the booze has been brought in and settled nicely on the side table for all to admire in their glinting glory. 
Of course, non-alcoholic and mocktail recipes are also provided, hot and cold, because there are a plethora of things this time of year that can also give you that warm, fuzzy merriment.
In the same vein as the food posts here, and here I’ve collated a useful little list of all things thirst-quenching and merry-making. Enjoy!

Alcoholic Cocktails

Pomegranate Vanilla Sangria – HowSweetEats.com

[With Milk/Ice-Cream]

  • [Non-Alcoholic] 4 Chocolate Bar Milkshakes Malteser Milkshake, Salted Caramel Chocolate Milkshake, Peanut & Chocolate Milkshake and Vegan Chocolate Milkshake
  • Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake Let the kids enjoy the first recipe, whilst the adults sip away on this beauty.
Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake – imbibemagazine.com

  • Gingersnap Eggnog What’s Christmas without a tipple of eggnog?
  • White Dove If amaretto and ice-cream are your go-to flavours, this will be right up your alley.

Hot Drinks

Gingersnap Eggnog – SeriousEats.com

Drinks to Pair with Your Food:

..And For Something a Little Different:

White Russian – Byrdie.com


Remember: Drink responsibly, and may you have the loveliest of Christmases 🙂


Healthy* Festive Food Delights 2

Happy first day of Advent!
Ok, so you skimmed over my last post and want to go all out cholesterol-conscious this year instead. I get it, the health and fitness industry is booming, and we’re reminded everyday how sugar, meat, dairy, gluten are gradually ruining our bodies and the environment. To keep trim and ever so slightly smug over the Christmas period then, feel free to indulge in these healthy recipes that don’t scrimp on flavour and flamboyance:

Christmas Mains + Starters:

Herbed Wild Rice and Quinoa Stuffing – KitchenTreaty.Com

Vegan/Vegetarian Dinner Alternatives:

Root + Nut Traybake – Realfood.Tesco.com
Mushroom, Chestnut and Cranberry Tart – JamieOliver.com

Christmas Pudding:

  • GF, Vegetarian Christmas Pudding The perfect way to still enjoy the traditional Christmas tradition, catered to your dietary needs!
  • Lighter Christmas Pudding Not vegan, but a healthier alternative that doesn’t compromise on flavour or spectacle.
  • GF Apple Christmas Cake A lighter offering than the aforementioned Christmas puds, this should go down a dream.
  • Winter Pudding Bombe This is pictured below. Just look at it! The heavy stodge of its traditional sibling has been replaced by ice-cream, and that sounds just fine to me.
Winter Pudding Bombe – JamieOliver.com

[Vegan/Vegetarian/GF] Pudding Alternatives:

Chocolate Chip Cookie-Dough Blizzard – OhSheGlows.com

Will you be going for the healthier alternatives this year? Maybe it’ll mean you can devour a whole selection box for breakfast guilt free.. Or maybe not.


Festive Food Delights 1

I haven’t forgotten about you oh little blog! The pace and pressure of fourth year is well and truly under way, but I’ll always have time to squeeze in a post. 
If mentioning the C-word [Christmas] was frowned upon in previous weeks, I feel I can freely shout it from the rooftops now, as advent begins next Tuesday! My Christmas playlist is currently playing, I’ve just had a nosy at Paperchase’s divine decorations collection, and the temperature outside is plummeting, pronto.

All in all then, I feel my first festive themed post is due; a neat round-up of the recipes I’m wishing I was making, and dreaming I was eating. This week’s recipes have gone all out, rum-lit blazing, and are stupendously gluttonous. Put away the spiraliser til at least January 2nd, pop the chia seeds in the pantry, and treat yourself to some of these delights I’ve handily collated for you:


Maple Pecan Cinnamon Rolls – Bakingdom.com

Christmas Dinner


Christmas Pudding

  • Classic Christmas Pudding Only in the last two or three years have I truly enjoyed Christmas pudding. If you use a great recipe and good quality fruits, the dry mouth and overwhelming richness will be a thing of the past.
  • Celebrity Chefs’ Recipes Check out Eliza Acton’s and Nigel Slater’s for the 5/5 rated recipes.
pssst. Next week’s post includes healthier + vegetarian alternative pudding recipes

Classic Christmas Pudding – BBCGoodFood.com

Alternative Desserts




..And if in doubt, shovel everything into a large bap and have pop the dishes in the sink for soaking.

Roast Chicken With Maple Syrup, Figs and Farro – Telegraph.co.uk

Round-Up Lists:

Keep your eyes peeled for posts on healthy alternatives and beverages guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart..


A Weekend At Home

I think if one is to indulge in a rare weekend at home, I would highly recommend it being an Autumn one.
Compared to the carpeted streets of Glasgow, the leaves are still very much on their trees here, but the gold and russet shades have definitely crept across the greenery. I can still feel the change in the air however, the whole atmosphere feels incredibly cosier than it did when I left for uni back in mid September. 

Coming home in Autumn means having a wholesome dinner cooked for you in the evening! Last night we had roasted garlic chicken, baked potato, sprouts and lashings of onion gravy. MMmmm. Tonight is a homemade curry, currently being prepared as I type. Even better 😉

It also means drawing all the curtains with your dad come 5pm, hooting away together about all sorts of nonsense, the living room getting prepared for everyone to sprawl out in afterwards, mugs of hot drinks at the ready. The dark, cold evening firmly shut away from view.

It means sleeping in absolute silence. There is no whir of traffic, no slamming of doors from flat mates, an abundance of pillows, and the gorgeous pleasure of waking up in a certain kind of cosy comfort that is hard to explain. You feel safe, warm, and so content knowing you’re sharing your living quarters with people you know inside out and who care about you a lot. That’s prittttty lovely stuff for an October Saturday morning!

It means padding about in super squishy, fleece lined pajamas, with not a scrap of makeup on and having a plethora of toppings available for your porridge come breakfast time.

It means seeing your friends in person! Catching up over sips of G&T and swipes of lipstick as you get ready for a good old night out in your home town.

It means the clocks go back! Tonight, British Summer Time in the UK ends and we are treated to an extra hour in bed.

It also means having to leave everybody and everything behind again for another few months. That’s always the worst part; waiting for your train back to uni on a gusty concrete platform, clutching your holdall and focusing on the good memories made in your whistle-stop visit, knowing that judging by the speed of the first half term, you’ll be back home in no time. 
And of course we all know what that means….
CHRISTMAS is just around the corner!


What Makes Pinterest So Stupendous?

I created my Pinterest account many moons ago but didn’t really do any “serious” Pinning until sometime in 2013. At first it was mainly culinary calorific delights that I would most likely never make, but still loved to spend many minutes poring over and scrolling down the page for the next one. 
Of course there is far more to Pinterest than food, in fact as the name suggests it’s largely crafty and artsy, a virtual “home-made” pin board or mood board where you can store everything from interior design inspiration to 10 uses for a piece of copper pipe..

Here are a few of my favourite sorts of pins: 
  • Interior Design/Home Decor – old and new inspiration, hundreds of eclectic styles. The beauty about Pinterest is that buttons can now be installed into your internet toolbar, and with websites now adding their own Pinterest hyperlinks, you can curate your board whilst browsing the Wilkinson’s website for a vase of fake flowers, to pinning your favourite designer big-wig’s dining room scene from the latest Elle Decoration.
Complementing Florals
Muted Honeycomb Pom-Poms
“5 Awesome Ways to Decorate Your Workspace”
  • Beauty – I have my own board dedicated to beauty and skincare, and Pinterest is the perfect place to keep note of all those tricks for glossier hair, foods that boost that glowy complexion and those articles from your favourite magazines and blogs that just won’t do being stored in a dusty box at the back of your mind
EverythingYou Need To Know About Skincare In Your Twenties
Exploring the Facemap

  • CHRISTMAS – Aah once you enter the magical Narnian wardrobe of Christmas Pinterest there’s no way you’ll come out alive. Or at least covered in glitter, tangled in string and in a sugar coma from 20 of the Best Christmas Cookies recipes…
  • 20 Christmas Tricks, Cheats and Tips
    Print-Out Homemade Hanging Decorations
    Marble+ Foliage Handmade Wrapping

    • Style/Outfit Ideas – it seems Polyvore is the place to create them and Pinterest is the place to show ’em off! You can get plenty of style inspiration here, just by searching simple tags such as “neutral style” “minimalist” or simply “outfit ideas.”
    “Relaxed Weekend”
    Smarter Dressing – Capsule Wardrobe

    • These are just a tiny snapshot of the sorts of themes Pinterest boards display, and what the site can offer. There are are so many miscellaneous interests and passions people have which can easily find their home amongst the style and craft heavyweights; such as how to replace a tyre and the birds to spot on your next countryside ramble, (well, probably..)

    Get Well Kit
    52 Places to Visit in 2015

    Send your Pinterest profile links my way! What are you favourite kinds of things to pin?

    TT4N P x


    What I Have Learnt: 1 Week Into New Year

    So I’ve survived the first 7 days of January, (hurrah!) What have I already learnt and what am I going to continue into 2015?..

    • Starting a diary again was a marvellous decision. Even though nothing exciting is really happening in my life right now, (which was why having a diary was perfect for when I needed to ferociously scribble down every minute detail about previously more exciting times, (at all hours..)) nothing can buy back the time you had when you were younger; Tardises unfortunately don’t exist, and reading over your past self’s frenzied life, remembering all the ups and downs is priceless. After a 2 year hiatus apart from the odd few days here and there I’m determined get back into it and stick at it. 
    • You can leave it til the sixth day before you do your first workout of the year. My choice was a HIIT one by the FitnessBlender and I properly know what all the fuss is about now after doing it a couple of times. Short sharp bursts of heart-hammering exercise. No boredom here.
    • That familiar nervous/worrying-about-the-world feeling does return as an old year ends and you now face the ever-looming second semester of university which is always much more academically demanding. Also, the prospect of another year of your life coming to an end, and a new one beginning where you have no idea what situations you will face, people you will meet, and circumstances good/bad you may find yourself in can be scary. However, it is also exciting and the annual thrill of entering an unknown can make New Years sometimes feel like a double-edged sword, but we’ll definitely be keeping on the shiny positive side.
    • Family as ever are so important; I spent all of Christmas with them and saw in the new year with them by my side. There have been so many endless laughs and nibbles-binging-on-the-sofa moments and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
    • Packing your holdall ready for heading back to uni in the week before you leave softens the blow of saying goodbye for another few months away, in comparison to doing it the day before. Too emotional..
    • Although I haven’t set up any New Years Resolutions I’m just going to try and exceed and amplify all the good things, positivity and optimism in my life, whilst cutting down on the negative things I allow into and come out of my life.
    • Finally, the Christmas gluttony and half-stone gained will budge. And Spring’s here soon. Everything’s better in the sunshine.

    Happy New Year : )

    TTFN P x

    Christmas in Glasgow

    This is my second year living in Glasgow now, and after missing all of 2012’s festive delights, I decided that 2013 would not be a repeat! Taking time out of our busy study schedule (hurrah for pre-Christmas exams), my 3 flatmates and I nipped on the subway down to the St. Enoch centre next to where the Christmas markets reside. 

    Market stalls
    Delicious pick ‘n’ mix stall – Pricey though!
    Spanish stall – cooking up some Paella!
    Hog Roast – pork, stuffing, gravy, apple sauce, heaven.

    HEAVENLY churros with
    melted chocolate, marshmallows
    and cinnamon
    Merchant City

    Buchannan Street
    George Square’s fairground and ice skating

    Lovely gianormous Christmas tree and sleigh with reindeer 🙂

    We had a really lovely time and is fantastic for an evening out of the house and as a break from revision. If you’re in the city, definitely head on over, and then meander up to George Square for the lights and skating with hands full of churros and a bag of sweets and fudge. It’s something you can spend 10 minutes walking around if you just want a quick browse, but also something a good half hour-hour spent doing, mooching around and trying to grab as many free samples or tasters as possible! You’re guaranteed to leave with a very content tummy full of delicious food and festive cheer.

    TTFN P x