Eat – Exercise – Pin – Read – Listen – Watch #2

I’m back and I’m bad. (At keeping the regular posts. I’m very sorry!) First thing’s first, I’ve moved over to the world of WordPress, so the theme is looking a little rudimental right now, bear with 😉 Bye for now Blogspot!

Thinking about what I wanted post, whilst taking (an extended) study break, I was flicking through my archive and found the first post of this series back in May. It’s now a new season, new food in my belly, new televisual goodness on the tv, and so I thought that I’d come back with round 2..

Eat – Coincidentally, I just bought a packet of leeks this morning – the same ingredient which I raved about in my first post, which was an additional ingredient to my homemade sweetcorn soup! Since getting back from the gorge-fest of Christmas, I’ve been back to eating really well, so plenty of fresh tomatoes, broccoli and greens have been going down a treat.

This month I’ve had several meals with buckwheat semolina from Lidl as my “carbohydrate,” which come in handy 100g boil-in-a-bag pouches. The first time I cooked with it I consumed the whole thing and was left bursting at the seams, but split in half and with a good helping of veg, your belly is kept satisfied. I also bought a bag of dates today as a *treat* and what I would do for a blob of peanut butter dolloped on top of those…

Exercise – Aaah exercise. My old friend. This time last year I was working out 4-5 times a week, this year it’s been slackened to about half that. I’d like it to blame it on early starts for the library and not wanting to wash my hair everyday, but of course that ole foe laziness plays a part too 😉 The workouts I have been doing however include the faithful FitnessBlender duo, and Joe Wicks’ TheBodyCoachTV. As well as still wanting to lose body fat in general, I’m really interested in core strength this time round, and can already see sliiight definition. When the lighting’s right… ..Before breakfast…

Pin – I’ve been really enjoying Pinning recently! As ever, there are plenty of foodie posts going up, a mix of the ultra healthy to don’t-feed-me-for-a-month heavenly creations. I keep stumbling across great websites, bloggers and Instagrammers who have created brilliant, simple recipes. I’m desperate to try this Unami Fennel Beef Ragu and this highly rated Butter Chicken recipe. 

I’m also pretty happy with how my Interiors Board is going. Lots of bright, airy spaces filled with foliage, wooden features and blue hues – are you an avid Pinner too?

Read – As mentioned in the first post, I don’t really read fiction/for-pleasure at uni, however, some nights I close the laptop early, and read just a few pages at a time of a free eBook I got ages ago on my Kindle. It’s the first in the Farseer trilogy; ‘Assassin’s Apprentice,’ something I probably wouldn’t read if I had picked it up in paper-form. I’m still in the early stages where Fitz is just a young boy, but am really enjoying it! The imagery is brilliant at whisking me away to a bustling coastal settlement that just makes me yearn for the sea and its scents, sights and sounds so badly.

Listen – I’m not a podcasts or audiobook kinda gal, but the songs that I keep hitting repeat on are Jasmine Thompson’s Like I’m Gonna Lose You, and Brandy’s Right Here (Departed). Both pretty emotional in different ways, but lovely listens that make even me sing ’em out loud and proud. – Sorry flatmates!

Watch – One word: Dickensian. Are you hooked too? I can’t really keep up with when the 30mins episodes are aired, but yesterday I consumed 3 episodes back-to-back. It’s a clever concept of intertwining characters from various Dickens’ stories such as The Old Curiosity Shop, A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist, who all cross paths with Inspector Bucket’s investigation of who killed Jacob Marley (Scrooge’s partner.) You don’t have to be familiar with the plots of the books, and it isn’t overwhelming in terms of the amount of characters and subplots. Catch it on iPlayer now!

My beloved Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast is back in full swing too over on Channel 4, and in keeping with food, the hilarious The Great Sport Relief Bake Off. Television’s never been better. 


So what has you glued to the screen? What song is constantly on loop in your head, and what are you making for your dinner tonight?!




Eat – Exercise – Pin – Read – Listen – Watch #1

Eat – Homemade leek and sweetcorn soup, tomato sauce based dishes with cauliflower to bulk. Chocolate raisins, chocolate peanuts. Healthy eating is slightly out the window for the time being…. Bear with.

Exercise – Has been completely off due to revision (yes, yes it is not really an excuse.) I wake up at 5:45am, leave the flat at 7, and after a day in the library and consequently more revision after some chill and food time back home, I have no desire or motivation whatsoever. But I am noticing the (not-so-good) difference this is making to my body, so cannot wait to properly get. back. on. it.

Pin – Ottolenghi’s famous carrot cake recipe ohsweetsugarygoodness, ITG’s guide to Bianca Jagger’s makeup on her wedding day. My eyes are particularly drawn to all things wedding at the moment because a couple of weeks ago my best friend got engaged to her boyfriend! Frantic Weddings Board pinning thus commenced. One Year Into Work – a great article by a post-grad giving the low-down on what to expect from interviews and the job itself.

Read – Do revision notes count? 😉 Sorry, sorry I keep wanging on about it. I haven’t been reading any books of my choice for a long time, but on the web I’ve still been keeping up to date with my Bloglovin’ feed. I’ve especially enjoyed Into The Gloss’s 5th birthday celebration of all their Best Beauty Tips from over the years and Caroline Hirons’ fantastic no-nonsense, streamlined guide to what you should look out for and avoid, according to your skin issue. 

Listen – A week ago I discovered Grooveshark had shut down. Completely. I was about to merrily log in at uni to add another song to my huge collection, and there it was. A vast canyon of nothingness. Thankfully a Twitter pal informed me of a Reddit feed which showed you how to access your music collection through relatively easy coding. I have my main collection now stored as a Word document, but have completely lost all my Favourites and playlists; most heartbreakingly of all, my beloved PPPPARTY playlist which was jam-packed full of the best “going-out” rave beats. A sad day.
Instead, I’ve been trying to make the most of dodgy ready-made Youtube playlists and commercial radios. I’ve been listening to Kisstory for a while anyway, and they have served as a good getting ready/pre-drinks soundtrack in the past, but XFM having really been hitting the spot lately. Particularly in the evenings playing quietly in the background as I work. I rarely listen to music when I do study because it’s very off putting, particularly if vocals are involved. Good ole XFM however has just the right kind of vibe that drawls away in a hazy indie cloud. When set to the correct volume, it proves to be great company whilst I scribble down memory tests and spider diagrams.

Watch – I’ve still been keeping up with my Youtube subscriptions, but have had to click on through quite a few because the minutes they all rack up take away the minutes I should be spending studying. One channel though, whose videos I have particularly adored, and never scrolled through to get to the end are Casey Neistat‘s. The film-maker began to document his life by uploading short, daily video clips of what he gets up to in NYC and beyond. Never failing to include an intimate close-up of one of his many life-mantras or motivational chats, Casey’s content is exactly what I need in my life right now.

This is a new feature. An accumulation of the past month or so’s goings on in my life and the world around me. It might become a monthly thing, or just simply the odd sporadic post of when I feel like I might have some sort-of-interesting notes to share.

What have you been up to then?


ps. I got a haircut! Back to a lob (long bob) Feeling so much better for it. Woop woop

The Unconventional Summer Activities List

Once exams are over, mum and dad have picked me up in the chariot of destiny, (the family car, as we head in a straight line south down the A74), and I’m back home and unpacked, there’s a few things I’d really like to do over the summer break. This isn’t a list of the “buy an ice pop,” “go on a roadtrip with pals,” (although yes please) it’s the slightly weird, it’s the wonderful, and it’s what I’m gonna be doing come beginning of June:

  • Re-read My Childhood Books – Yes, even those from nursey –> tweenhood. I started this last year and was so swept up in the glorious reminiscence of yesteryear, that this activity is most definitely making another appearance in the summer. It’s a funny one because you catch the hidden connotations the author had buried in their words, or experience and think about their anecdotes in a completely new light, particularly if you’ve now lived past the age of the characters and can look back and relate in some way.
  • Visit A Garden Centre – This was a weekend activity with my parents and brother I was rather fond of. I will always love the sweet, woody scent of compost and woodchip, poring over and picking out various plant bulbs, and just the general organised chaos of those places. Some are even lucky enough to have a play area. Not that I er, would go on there now of course.
  • Repaint My Walls and Storage Drawers – Maybe this isn’t the most unconventional, but we quickly redecorated my bedroom in the Summer and Autumn of 2012 and it’s in definite need of patching up along with a lick of white to neaten up the skirting boards. I love decorating and interior design so much, especially the leftover smell of freshly painted walls. Ooh yeah.
  • Tackle My Pinterest Foods&Drinks Board This baby is growing by the day. I’m constantly discovering new recipes with flavour combinations and cooking techniques I’d never had dreamed of, but have probably only created something from the board 2 or 3 times. This needs to change, I currently have 826 pins and counting..
  • Cook a Sit-Down Meal For My Family (more than once) In a similar vein to the last point, I’d really like to find a gorgeous recipe we all haven’t tried before, whip it up (as best I can), and treat them (mostly mum) to a relaxed, plan-free treat tea. I appreciate them so much, and as I’m at uni for the greater half of the year, family meals around the dining table together should be valued and appreciated!
  • Walk In Unexplored Areas – Something I love about where I live is the surrounding, abundant countryside a pebbles throw from the house. There are so many hidden away hamlets, nifty nooks, and long, overgrown paths leading to wildlife wonderlands in the county of Lancashire that are just itching for my lil legs to explore. 
  • Read Past Diaries – Every so often when I’m back home, I’ll drag out my bulging bag of diaries and have a good ole read through them, picking out notebooks or the odd bits of paper stapled together at random. Similar to reading over my childhood books, this activity can bring a whole wave of emotions, often ones you are not prepared for. I am so, so glad I made the decision to start writing a diary. It all started when Grandma and Grandpa took to me a touring Anne Frank exhibition where they bought me a (blank) replica of her journal for my 14th birthday. That experience, along with my fresh obsession with the Georgie Nicholson series, made me truly fall in love with writing about my teenage turmoils to my newly-acquired best friend.
Happy 14th Birthday ole chap

The list is quite small I’m sure I’ll think of plenty more in the next couple of months! The usual activities like wild berry picking, catching up on (adult) fiction books and lazing about in the sun with friends are of course top of my to-do list as well. 
Do you have any slightly unusual things you want to get done that are weirdly exhilarating? Pottering about the garden and weeding is another thing I enjoy. No seriously. 


What Makes Pinterest So Stupendous?

I created my Pinterest account many moons ago but didn’t really do any “serious” Pinning until sometime in 2013. At first it was mainly culinary calorific delights that I would most likely never make, but still loved to spend many minutes poring over and scrolling down the page for the next one. 
Of course there is far more to Pinterest than food, in fact as the name suggests it’s largely crafty and artsy, a virtual “home-made” pin board or mood board where you can store everything from interior design inspiration to 10 uses for a piece of copper pipe..

Here are a few of my favourite sorts of pins: 
  • Interior Design/Home Decor – old and new inspiration, hundreds of eclectic styles. The beauty about Pinterest is that buttons can now be installed into your internet toolbar, and with websites now adding their own Pinterest hyperlinks, you can curate your board whilst browsing the Wilkinson’s website for a vase of fake flowers, to pinning your favourite designer big-wig’s dining room scene from the latest Elle Decoration.
Complementing Florals
Muted Honeycomb Pom-Poms
“5 Awesome Ways to Decorate Your Workspace”
  • Beauty – I have my own board dedicated to beauty and skincare, and Pinterest is the perfect place to keep note of all those tricks for glossier hair, foods that boost that glowy complexion and those articles from your favourite magazines and blogs that just won’t do being stored in a dusty box at the back of your mind
EverythingYou Need To Know About Skincare In Your Twenties
Exploring the Facemap

  • CHRISTMAS – Aah once you enter the magical Narnian wardrobe of Christmas Pinterest there’s no way you’ll come out alive. Or at least covered in glitter, tangled in string and in a sugar coma from 20 of the Best Christmas Cookies recipes…
  • 20 Christmas Tricks, Cheats and Tips
    Print-Out Homemade Hanging Decorations
    Marble+ Foliage Handmade Wrapping

    • Style/Outfit Ideas – it seems Polyvore is the place to create them and Pinterest is the place to show ’em off! You can get plenty of style inspiration here, just by searching simple tags such as “neutral style” “minimalist” or simply “outfit ideas.”
    “Relaxed Weekend”
    Smarter Dressing – Capsule Wardrobe

    • These are just a tiny snapshot of the sorts of themes Pinterest boards display, and what the site can offer. There are are so many miscellaneous interests and passions people have which can easily find their home amongst the style and craft heavyweights; such as how to replace a tyre and the birds to spot on your next countryside ramble, (well, probably..)

    Get Well Kit
    52 Places to Visit in 2015

    Send your Pinterest profile links my way! What are you favourite kinds of things to pin?

    TT4N P x