Festive Drinks Delights

The meal plans are sorted, the list’s been written and rewritten 5 times over, the turkey’s been ordered and the sherry… The sherry. For many, this festive period isn’t complete until the booze has been brought in and settled nicely on the side table for all to admire in their glinting glory. 
Of course, non-alcoholic and mocktail recipes are also provided, hot and cold, because there are a plethora of things this time of year that can also give you that warm, fuzzy merriment.
In the same vein as the food posts here, and here I’ve collated a useful little list of all things thirst-quenching and merry-making. Enjoy!

Alcoholic Cocktails

Pomegranate Vanilla Sangria – HowSweetEats.com

[With Milk/Ice-Cream]

  • [Non-Alcoholic] 4 Chocolate Bar Milkshakes Malteser Milkshake, Salted Caramel Chocolate Milkshake, Peanut & Chocolate Milkshake and Vegan Chocolate Milkshake
  • Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake Let the kids enjoy the first recipe, whilst the adults sip away on this beauty.
Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake – imbibemagazine.com

  • Gingersnap Eggnog What’s Christmas without a tipple of eggnog?
  • White Dove If amaretto and ice-cream are your go-to flavours, this will be right up your alley.

Hot Drinks

Gingersnap Eggnog – SeriousEats.com

Drinks to Pair with Your Food:

..And For Something a Little Different:

White Russian – Byrdie.com


Remember: Drink responsibly, and may you have the loveliest of Christmases 🙂


An Ode To The Carrot Cake

Ohhh carrot cake. Creamy, chunky, crumbly, captivating creation. A perfect blend of spices, fruit (vegetable) ‘n’ nut, and when the amount of buttercream (NOT marshmallow frosting) is just right, oh you are a thing of such beauty.

Are you my most favourite type of cake? I do love cake. But possibly, probably… I adore the variations of chocolate cake and Victoria sponges but the buttercream just gets to me. And I’m pretty sure my body is 90% cinnamon due to hasty porridge toppings in the mornings.

Growing up, my mum always used one recipe, and one only. Good ole Delia Smith from the pages of a well used and well loved, super thick recipe book. Carried out correctly, the cake will blow your mind.

When it comes to the public domain and coffee-shops/cafés/shop-bought offerings, who tips the top?

John Lewis, without a doubt. To be honest if Delia’s was plated up next to JL’s I honestly don’t know who would win.

The thing about the John Lewis coffee-shop’s cake is that it really does look, feel, smell and taste properly homemade and handmade. There are copious amounts of icing – on top and sandwiched (the two is an absolute must), and the nut to sultana to sponge ratio is just divine. As a membership card owner every so often I’m entitled to a FREE cake and hot drink, and there is a chance that nothing else can rival the kind of happiness this gives me. Each time I visit I choose the carrot cake. Except once I tried the chocolate, and although it was good it wasn’t phenom. I’m sorry I ever left you CC.
This is what it looks like:

My first experience. Forever in my heart. With a latte on de side
My most recent experience with an artery-clogging hot chocolate. (But worth it)

As for Delia; since the book’s publication she has continued to amend the recipe to create the most majestic it can become. Her most recent adaptation and something that “has reached its all-time peak – this one has been unanimously voted the best ever,” can be found here: 

Print version here.

And these lil beauties are mine and mum’s attempts:

Mum’s offerings last Easter of Carrot Cake AND Vicky Sponge. What a treat.
 A lil somethin’ I made for the cook who works in the community centre I volunteered at in the summer. (Thank goodness) she loved it!
I could swim in buttercream.

So how about you? Do you think you have any recipes that could possibly rival Delia’s? I don’t eat out all that much, so haven’t tried every single carrot cake in the major coffee-shops, so maybe you could nudge me in the direction of somewhere in the market that just whips JL’s tush? 

I now need a slab of carrot cake pronto. Hm, maybe make that the whole thing.