Slow Sundays

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I’m determined not to break my streak of publishing [at least one] blogpost each month. Unfortunately for February it remains just that. One. One day before the month comes to a close and a new one begins. Ooops..


Being a leap year means we’re treated to an extra day in February. I’m using this wisely, and instead of taking tomorrow off, – because er, Uni – today is going to be stripped back and unashamedly UN-productive. I’ve caught what is absolutely professionally certified as ‘Library Head.’ The majority of students will eventually develop the condition where the brain succumbs to constant study by becoming a jelloid mess, and the eyes experience a kind of fizziness, followed by a major drooping of the lids. You then realise that if you spend another minute in the library, or staring at a Word document you might just combust. Or fall asleep.

Having said this, I did wake up this morning with all good intentions of scurrying off to the library. The alarm was set, the weather was checked, I’d even set a reminder to buy groceries on the way home. But my [new] study pal had said she was gonna spend the day at home today, and I remembered that thing called the Snooze Button, and all of a sudden I ended up dozing, eating biscuits at 9am, and sitting here typing this out, rather than my dissertation.

I don’t feel guilty though. The weather here in Glasgow has been breathtaking these past few days, where the rain has finally ceased and despite the nipping air, glorious sunshine and blue skies have blanketed the city. Right now, as I sit with the window open and duvet pulled up around me, the heat from the sun and the brightness of its rays are reminding me that Winter is slowly being pushed to the back of the airing cupboard, and Spring is  gradually being tugged out from the middle shelf, do excuse the pile of odd socks..

I slathered myself in oat, banana and maple scented body scrub, cleansed my insides with a big old cup of tea, [in my Christmas mug.. hm some things never change..], and have already whiled away many minutes on the Amazon website trying to decide what goodies to buy after winning a giftcard in a uni competition last week..

When life gets tough, or it feels like the obstinance will never surrender, it’s important to remember the little things. The things that take your day from being So Rubbish to Half-Alright. The tiny treats and little routines that might have been lost along the way, but when you do remember them again and the joy they bring to you, the impact they can make might actually be far bigger you had anticipated.


Close the Word doc, flick the kettle on, inhale the fresh air and feel the sun’s hug on your skin. Go on, you’ve been treated with a whole 24 hours to do it 😉




Purple Passion

Sometimes all you need is a liberal amount of chocolate and a good magazine. 
I’ve been eating an atrocious amount of the stuff recently, (chocolate that is,) partly due to it being a source of strength for the rapid influx of uni reading and writing, partly due to the fact that the majority of it has been given/sent to me, and partly, probably mostly because I just love the flavour and comfort too damn much. Also, surely 1 one of my 5 a day is hidden in there somewhere what with the sprinkling of fruit and nut.. Yes? No? I still enjoyed it anyway. 
With a magazine balanced on one knee, a hot chocolate on the other, this evening was well spent as I dipped my chocolate into my mug and my mind in my mag, trying to push away slightly guilty thoughts about my next essay which ironically(?) is on the theme of ‘Feasting.’ How fitting.